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Marine batteries are real workhorses. Not only is a boat battery needed to provide the power necessary to start the boat’s engines, a second battery is also needed to power the on-board equipment, which can range from the essentials such as GPS, nav lights and console equipment, to high-consumption items like fridges, radios and TVs.

Deep Cycle Batteries are often used in a dual system on boats, where the ignition is provided by a standard (Stop Start) battery, leaving the deep cycle battery to power the on-board equipment.

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    Kim Hanley
    Kim Hanley
    You can just turn up get the battery with good a n back on the road cheers Kim
    Tayler C
    Tayler C
    Terry was extremely helpful to explain our system and to check everything was working properly in our caravan. Top service. Very helpful. Highly recommend.
    jules baroni
    jules baroni
    This place stock AC Delco batteries. Very helpful staff as well.
    gj payne
    gj payne
    Thanks to Terry and his team.Great service and great price.
    Malcolm Innes
    Malcolm Innes
    One call for a new battery for my Van and all installed within 2 hours at a great price. Highly recommended.
    Lance Grey
    Lance Grey
    Went down here this morning to sort my struggling battery. Terry was happy to assist, tested my old one and gave me options for the new. Even fitted it on the spot for me. Best priced batteries and great service. If you are looking at a no hassle and great service go down and see Terry at the Battery Shop in Guildford. Highly recommended šŸ‘ŒšŸ¾
    Call abed for battery replacement for my car in early morning, he was very fast and very professional Highly recommend AUS BATTRY

    We Stock All The Best Brands

    There are many brands of marine batteries and The Battery Shop is the place to find them all. We stock the best and most popular brands, sizes and types of marine batteries, so we always have the product you’re looking for ā€“ even if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Just talk to one of our marine battery experts and we’ll not only help you pick the perfect battery for your vessel, but we can also install it for you.

    Whether we come to your place or you come to ours, we’ll get your vessel back in motion in a jiffy.Ā 

    Making Sure You Don't Get StrandedĀ 

    These dual systems help provide peace of mind, especially on vessels that get a lot of use, travel large distances from land, or have a large power requirement for onboard equipment. Having a flat battery at sea is a dreadful situation to find yourself in, so before you make your next trip, pop into The Battery Shop so we can make sure your vessel has a top-quality battery (or dual system with a deep cycle battery) that will power all of your on-board equipment and always have enough power for you to make the journey back to land.

    The Battery Shop stocks only the best brands of marine batteries, such as Exide Marine, Delkor Marine, Bosch Marine and Marine Pro.


    Marine Battery FAQ's

    We’ve answered some frequently asked questions to help you with your battery.

    A marine battery is a specialized type of battery designed for use in boats and other watercraft. These batteries are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment, including exposure to saltwater and vibrations from the boat’s engine.

    When choosing a marine battery, you should consider the type of boat you have, the amount of power you need, and the size of the battery compartment. You should also consider the battery’s capacity, voltage, and type, such as flooded, AGM, or lithium-ion.

    To maintain your marine battery, you should keep it clean and dry, avoid overcharging or undercharging, and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. You should also check the battery’s water levels regularly and top up with distilled water if necessary.

    A deep cycle battery is designed to provide a steady flow of power over an extended period of time, while a starting battery is designed to provide a short burst of power to start an engine. Deep cycle batteries are often used in boats for auxiliary power, while starting batteries are used to start the boat’s engine.

    While it is possible to use a car battery in a boat, it is not recommended. Car batteries are not designed for the marine environment and may not be able to withstand exposure to saltwater and vibrations. Marine batteries are specifically designed to meet the demands of the marine environment.

    The lifespan of a marine battery can vary depending on the type and usage. Typically, a properly maintained marine battery can last between 3 to 5 years. However, extreme temperatures, overcharging, and undercharging can shorten the battery’s lifespan. It is recommended to replace your marine battery every 2-3 years to ensure reliable performance.

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